Civil Contractors: How Presta and Sons Help Shape Melbourne’s Landscape

20 September 2023


Uncover how civil contractors like Presta & Sons shape Melbourne’s landscape. Build a vibrant, sustainable future with us. Call (03) 9464 1392.

Civil contractors play a vital role in the construction and management of civil engineering projects. They help plan, design, construct, and maintain infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, tunnels, water and wastewater systems, dams, public transportation networks, and other significant large-scale construction projects. They also work closely with architects, engineers, and government authorities to ensure the success of these projects.

Now, civil contractors like us, at Presta & Sons, help cities become appealing and functional to their respective communities. One of these cities is Melbourne. And behind the transformation of its landscape lies our significant role in executing large-scale construction projects, enhancing the city’s infrastructure and improving the quality of life for its residents.

In shaping the landscape of Melbourne, we can carry out a variety of tasks and steps. Some of them are as follows.

Conceptualise and Design

The first step in shaping the landscape of Melbourne is concept and design. Our team develop innovative and sustainable design solutions that meet the specific needs of the city’s growing population. We analyse the site, conduct feasibility studies, and propose design alternatives that optimise space utilisation, minimise environmental impact, and improve connectivity.

Carry Out Construction

Once the design has been finalised, we move on to the construction phase. We manage the logistics, procurement of materials, and coordination of subcontractors like skilled labourers, machinery operators, and construction crews to ensure the smooth execution of the project. We then oversee every aspect of construction, which encompasses excavation and grading the land, laying the foundation, erecting structures, and installing utilities.

Some construction projects we can conduct are drainage, kerb and channel, concrete paving, asphalt, landscaping, road work, and car parks.

Adhere to Safety Standards

Aside from gathering subcontractors and overseeing the construction, our experienced team has to adhere to strict safety protocols and regulations. Safety is of paramount importance throughout the construction phase. Hence, we must do everything to prevent accidents, maintain worksite cleanliness, and minimise disruption to traffic and neighbouring areas. Aside from following safety standards, our experts also carry out regular inspections and quality control processes to ensure the project will meet the highest standards of construction quality.

Conduct Post-Construction

As the project nears completion, we gradually shift their focus and attention to finishing touches and post-construction tasks. We oversee the installation of landscaping elements, lighting, signage, and other aesthetic features that boost the functionality and visual appeal of the project. Moreover, we carry out final inspections and testing to ensure all systems are operating as intended and that the project meets the client’s specifications.

Maintain and Upkeep

Beyond the completion of a project, we are still involved in maintenance and upkeep. We are responsible for conducting routine inspections, repairs, and upgrades to ensure the longevity and safety of the infrastructure. Whether it’s repairing roads, maintaining drainage systems, or upgrading transportation networks, we are integral to preserving Melbourne’s infrastructure and ensuring its continuous improvement.

We, at Presta & Sons, play an essential role in shaping Melbourne’s landscape. Through our expertise, dedication to safety, and commitment to quality, we can easily contribute to the development of a well-designed, sustainable, and vibrant city.

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