Understanding Civil Works on Stormwater Drainage Systems

10 January 2023

A city’s drainage system is extremely vital to its inhabitants’ protection, as demonstrated by the flooding that occurred in Sydney in the year 2021. A danger that endangers both property and the environment has been poorly managed.

In residential areas, drains play an important role in directing excess water away from houses and other impervious surfaces and into the drainage system of the municipality. If you want to subdivide your land, you will need to deal with a stormwater drainage contractor with previous expertise in the development you are planning. In Metro Melbourne, initiatives to manage storm and sewage drain on public property are the responsibility of the local government or councils, whereas the proprietors of private properties are responsible for managing the storm drain systems on their lands.

Kinds Of Of Storm Drainage Systems

The storm drainage systems may be broken down into site drainage and civic drainage for the entire city. They consist of the site and the civic (town) components. Drains receive runoff from on-site detention systems (OSDs) and other hard surfaces, such as roads, walkways, and parking lots. These are managed by municipal governments and contribute to the formation of bigger stormwater catchments. At some point, they will connect to the trunk drainage and cast iron or concrete pipe that transports water to other bodies.

Site Drainage

It is necessary for most properties, whether a home, an office building, a farm, or an industrial complex, to manage the precipitation that occurs on the premises. In most cases, this necessitates directing it efficiently into the neighbourhood drainage system so that excess water flow may be released on time without leading to floods or spillover into the homes of nearby residents. Additionally, to avoid the overflow of municipal drains, it may be necessary to temporarily store any extra water (local creeks, the ocean and watercourses etc.)

Drainage for the City

The objective of civil drainage is to collect stormwater runoff from the areas surrounding the city and then gradually discharge it into the sea or natural water catchments. Stormwater is often channelled and discharged using natural features, such as lakes, rivers, and gullies, which are incorporated into civil drainage systems wherever possible.

The Importance of Stormwater Drainage System

Runoff from rainstorms is known as stormwater and is often absorbed by vegetation and soils. However, this runoff may not be able to effectively sink into the ground if the area is covered in hard surfaces such as roads, driveways, and parking lots. The presence of an excessive amount of water is problematic for both ourselves and the environment. It is a major source of pollution because, as it moves through the environment, it picks up and carries away silt, dirt, grease, oil, pesticides, trash, fertiliser, and other large pollutants. These eventually end up in a lake or river that feeds into a system that provides our drinking water. Flooding, structural damage, and erosion are all potential outcomes of substantial amounts of water.

In 2021, records of rainfall, storms, and flooding affected Australia, which led to the Insurance Council of Australia classifying the event as a disaster. Even though these kinds of catastrophic weather events don’t happen very often, they clearly indicate why it is vital to manage stormwater and sewage systems on both private and public land, and why you should contact an expert stormwater services consultant when necessary.

Presta & Sons Can Help You with Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Whether you’re a builder, owner, architect, or building certifier, chatting to the experts at Presta & Sons may help you avoid the risk of an under-engineered surface water drainage system. The house will not be the only thing that looks wonderful, and you will have the peace of mind from knowing the system will operate when needed.

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