Civil and Infrastructure Works: Asphalt Car Park Construction

09 March 2023

When a consumer arrives at your business, the first thing they will see is the parking lot, which is usually unimpressive. We’ve been constructing and paving asphalt car parks in Perth for over 30 years, and we take pleasure in providing clients with a car park that looks fantastic and lasts.

A clean, crack-free, and pothole-free parking lot offers your consumers the idea that you are a professional and care about your business and your clients. Compared to a degraded car park that needs repairs or resurfacing, it communicates to your guests that you are unconcerned about looks or quality. We recommend asphalt if you’re creating a new parking lot or resurfacing an old one. So, what exactly is asphalt, and why should you consider utilising it for your parking lot?

Continue reading for your comprehensive guide on asphalt car park building in Australia.

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is one of Australia’s most often-used building materials for roads, parking lots, and driveways. Asphalt employs hot mix asphalt for all of our projects since it is highly durable in terms of vehicle traffic, weather conditions, and plant roots. Asphalt combines aggregate (gravel and sand) and bitumen binder formed at high temperatures when mixed. We utilise this asphalt on our asphalt projects, including car parks, hardstands, and huge driveways.

Asphalt Advantages

Asphalt not only outperforms other paving and building materials in terms of resistance to ants, weeds, and water but is also one of the most cost-effective alternatives for commercial and residential projects. Asphalt has more flexibility to form curves and corners than other paving materials such as bricks, slabs, or pavers, providing a tight seal with the kerbing and avoiding gaps where water and debris can infiltrate. Bricks, slabs, and pavers are also prone to movement and shifting, separating each component.

Why Should You Construct an Asphalt Car Park?

Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is recognised for its tough characteristics that make it resilient and long-lasting. Asphalt is the most frequent material used for road paving in Australia and is also highly recommended for car park buildings. Asphalt is used in road and parking lot construction because it can handle high traffic volumes and is cost-effective for big areas.

Design And Layout Of An Asphalt Parking Lot

Working with a skilled asphalt car park building business is vital when creating an asphalt car park to guarantee your car park lasts as long as possible without harm. This involves thinking about drainage, kerbing, and other surface-protection measures.


Because of its lighter colour, concrete may often reflect sunlight off its surface, whereas asphalt is a low-glare alternative.


We provide asphalt in three different colours to match your design and landscape. The dye is added to the asphalt aggregate while colouring asphalt, staining both the gravel and the bitumen. Concrete has frequently painted the colour of your choice, making it susceptible to scratching and chipping.


Damage to asphalt or concrete is unavoidable, but due to the granular nature of the material, repairs are significantly easier for asphalt. Excavating and removing a whole portion of concrete, then pouring new concrete, may be required for concrete repairs. Depending on the extent of damage, asphalt offers several repair alternatives, but in general, asphalt damage may be restored by sweeping out the damaged area and resurfacing with fresh asphalt, decreasing the need for machinery or labour to remove the concrete.

Why Presta & Sons for Your Car Park?

We at Presta & Sons have been building and paving asphalt parking lots for many years and have a solid reputation as the best asphalt firm. We prioritise excellent customer service and understand the difficult arrangements for commercial construction projects, so we work around your schedule to minimise interruption.

Contact us for straightforward and honest advice on your parking lot development.

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